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What is it like to be a Fairytale Princess?
Please click video link below.  It’s AMAZING!


Introducing the new Princess Manager… Princess Megan!

Princess Manager Megan


Her love for creating magical memories began three years ago when she started performing with Princess Parties and More entertaining as a Royal Princess for birthday parties & events.  She is super excited to manage all things magical!  She is an Austin native,  loves to spend time in the sun and with family and friends. 



Queen Larissa Clark


… is going on a magical adventure.  This summer she is moving to the sandy beach of Florida with the dolphins & Sea Mermaid!

Founder & Owner of Princess Parties and More… It all started one magical day in a kingdom far, far away.  In a land of opportunities beyond imagination.  Larissa was an up and coming actress when she landed her first audition to star  with Matthew McConaughey in a music video called Walkaway Joe, by Trisha Yearwood & Don Henley.  From there she landed her next audition to play Cinderella for the infamous Steven Speilburg and other movies stars making magical princess birthday memories.  She was mesmerized by all the make believe and decided to spread the magic to other families and formed Princess Parties and More.  In 2002 she moved back to Austin and began creating more magical memories.  She has instilled the goal for Princess Parties and More to captivate children’s imaginations, bring, love, kindness & joy into the lives of others and to create happy magical memories.  And of coarse to live happily ever after.  Once upon a time she married Prince Charming & welcomed her first born prince, May 2011…. Prince Cavanaugh. She loves being a Queen Mama! Everyday is an adventure. 



Princess Maggie

Is studying Theatre and Dance at The University of Texas.  She is a recent graduate from Westlake High School where she was active in choir and theater, appearing in several WHS musicals.  She trained at Ballet Austin for over eight years and enjoys all kinds of dancing… tap, jazz, modern & ballet. She has studied dance and theater in Austin and New York.  She has been cast member in the stage production of “The Music Man” at The Paramount Theatre, Austin, Texas as well as “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” at the Paramount Theatre.   She played Laurey in the production of Oklahoma in Lago Vista, Texas, Summer 2018.   Her voice is beautiful and her spirit is charming, making her a glass slipper fit for princess parties.



Princess Paige


 She trades in her glass slippers for track shoes every spring.  She loves to dance, sing and play the piano.  She is so thankful to be living her dream of playing a real life princess and loves to encourage every little princess to follow their dreams.