What can I expect from my Princess Party Experience?

Will the Glass Slipper really fit?

Let us reassure you, it’s going to be beyond your expectations.  Our characters stay true to their character… their appearance, costume, mannerisms, kindness, creativity are the icing on the cake.  We strive to have the best talent and costumes so we can amaze everyone who attends your royal ball… leave them gasping with excitement and asking you where did you find us?

With 17 wonderful years of bringing fairytale princesses to Austin, Texas, we can truly say we are the best!

How long does is take to reserve a princess?

Once the Castle Headquarters has received an inquiry for a character, date, time, party selection and location we check the availability of our fairytale princess cast members to see if they can attend your party.  We never reserve/book a princess without a confirmation “YES” from the cast member.  Then from here we will email you the “party information needed” form.  Then just like bibbity bobby boo…  your princess is reserved.

Is a deposit required to reserve a princess?

Yes.  Once a party is officially booked, you will receive an email party invoice along with an invoice for a 50% deposit.  This holds the date, time, location and princess of your choice.  The deposit is non refundable.  The remaining balance is due to the Castle Headquarters the week of the party.  An invoice will  be sent. If you prefer to have the balance in cash, please read below.

What forms of Payment do we accept?

 All deposits are through our online invoicing system.  However, if you prefer an alternate method of payment, we accept ApplePay, Venmo, Checks, and Cash. If you prefer to pay cash for the balance due, please have ready in an envelope.
The princess will call this her secret note.

When does the Princess arrive?

The princess arrives a half hour after the party start time just incase any of your guests are running late to the royal birthday celebration.  This assures that no one will  miss the grand princess entrance and it allows the princess to disguise that she doesn’t always arrive in her horse drawn carriage.

How do I prepare for the princess arrival?

Get your camera ready!  From the moment the princess walks into your castle she will take over and let you relax and enjoy the show just as much as the children.
For inside parties please kindly remove your coffee table.  You don’t want to have any of your little guest bumping their head on the corners while playing the games.  For outside parties please plan on having them in the shade and or during cooler months of the year.   We suggest having your guest wear their costumes to the party.  Costumes are hot, sometimes itchy.  You don’t want to have any of your guests getting cranky and bothered by the heat.

What should I tell my guests to wear to the party?

We suggest to ask your guest to come dressed in their
Royal Attire…. aka… princess dresses, tiaras, slippers, gloves, etc.
The princess will meet & greet each child and refer to them as the character they are dressed as.  This also allows for the cutest photos of all & makes the party magical.

If having a pool party, wear your princess dress over your swimsuit.

What is the “Dream Come True” Phone Call?

Oh my…  it’s super fantastic and a MUST grab your iPhone
moment to video the memory moment.. 
 The Friday evening before the party, the Princess will call your castle for the “Dream Come True Phone Call.”  The Princess will talk to the birthday girl about all the amazing fun that will take place during her birthday party. 
If no one is home to answer the phone, the princess will leave a royal message.

Is it possible to reschedule a party/event?

Yes.  Things happen. We understand.  Kids get sick, germs pass around.

All amounts are non-refundable, however in the event that the party is cancelled due to illness, weather, or personal circumstance, we will be happy to find another date and time that works with your schedule.

Where do our characters travel to?

We travel to areas in and surrounding Austin, Texas.  We go to your home, community centers, parks, churches, bounce houses, county clubs, etc.  We go wherever you host your party.   We do have travel fees to some areas.  An address will be needed for an exact travel quote.   


We provide character performers.  We are not babysitters or caretakers.  Children need to be supervised by a parent or adult at all times, especially children under the age of three.   Princess Parties and More is not held reliable for any incident that may happen while on the property of client’s castle or on the property of events held on location such as community centers, parks, etc.  

Pictures & Video Liabilities

Princess Parties and More, LLC reserves the right to use photographs sent to PPM, taken by PPM,  or photos/videos of your event with your child, the princess and or any guest for any and all website or promotional media, whether known or not known. PPM also reserves the right to use photos taken for headshot/about us page and princess image pictures for PPM website, social media, etc. You may not make any monetary claim against Princess Parties and More, LLC for the use of photographs taken and or video used for such purposes. Including and not limited to: performers employed or once employed by PPM, you, your child, your home or guests.

Character Costume Disclaimer

All characters are lookalikes and not affiliated with any other company.  We provide princess impersonators and it is not our intention to violate any copyright laws. All our character costumes and accessories are custom made to princess perfection.

We are fully princess insured.

You may request a copy of our insurance policy if needed for hosting an event at a venue such as community centers, country clubs, churches, bounce/jumps places, etc.