Princess Party Packages

Once Upon a Time, in a land far far away, a Princess came to your birthday party! She rang your castle doorbell promptly 30 minutes after the party started, as some of your guests were late for the ball. She greeted all the children with warm hugs and smiles and like abracadabra cast them under a magical spell filled with sparkles and laughter as she created magical memories that lasted a lifetime!

Each party package includes a special gift for the birthday girl …. her very own princess crown!
Each party package also includes the Dream Come True Phone Call. See bottom of page for details.

“The So Sweet” is perfect for younger children, event venues, & short visits.

“The Glass Slipper” and “The Royal Craft” are perfect for children aged 4-8 & for parents who need the children entertained for a longer amount of time.  This selection is filled with a lot more sparkles.

“The Glamorous” is perfect for older girls aged 6-8 who love makeovers, red carpet walks, and glamorous fun!  This selection is filled with a lot of sparkly, makeover magic.

Upgraded Coronation Ceremony with Rhinestone Tiara



Upgrade with Presents from the Princess

The princess will give each guest their very own gift!

$4.00 per guest.

Dream Come True Phone Call

Does the Birthday Girl know a Princess is coming to her party?  If so she will receive the “Dream Come True” phone call.  The Princess will call your castle to talk to her about all the magical things that will happen during her birthday party.

Calls are made the Friday before the party.  Your phone will ring between 6:00-7:00pm.  If  you forget or no one is home to answer, the Princess will leave a Royal Message.  Tip… you might want a voice message… to listen to over and over again!

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